Let’s Talk Homes

Building Your Home

Marian has the experience and the customer service needed to move their clients’ projects from concept to reality. Starting from scratch, our team of professionals collaborate to develop and construct an entirely new facility. By teaming with the best local designers and subcontractors to execute our projects, we ensure our clients’ satisfaction with any project.

Renovating Your Home

Marian understands that things must change and that sometimes it’s better to adapt than to alter everything all together. When a client is interested in renovating, or adding to a home, Marian is confident in providing the client any style solution that will give them that extra oomph that their space needs. At Marian, we are completely capable of developing design solutions that are seamless to the original structure as you like, or as wild and you may hope. Let us at Marian, help you make your space a little extra special.

Historical Renovation/Rehabilitation

Historical rehabilitation is another unique skill to Marian. One of our most familiar projects involves the conversion of a historical school into apartments for Family Scholar House. Marian provided Family Scholar House with complete design to build solutions that integrated preservation efforts. By collaborating with preservation consultants on projects like these, Marian continues to grow its knowledge within the field. This only adds to our understanding of how to better identify the client’s needs while also knowing how to sustain the longevity of such precious structures.

Buying Your Home

At Marian Homes, we pride ourselves in providing customers the resources they need to make their dream home a reality. We aren’t simply about building your dream home; our goal is to present to you the best solution as you take that next big step in life. Our services are designed to help you discover your dream home. We look forward to working with you.